✮Warner Brothers✮

A simple way to describe Warner Brothers is creative and unique.

Characteristics of Warner Bros

Warner Brothers is known for their films and animations humor, they have made many iconic works with many recognizable characters and components.

The Warner Brothers

Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner

Warner Brothers started when the four brothers began theater screening traveling around Ohio and Pennsylvania but later purchased their first movie theater in 1903 in New Castle, Pennsylvania to grow into the production company we all know of.

Examples of Warner Brothers works

Key Artists

Chuck Jones created one of Warner Brothers most well-known animated characters, and probably of all time, making characters from "The Looney Tunes" like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Road Runner and many many more.Friz Freleng also known for his work in Warner Brothers for helping with the production of "The Looney Tunes" he worked on animation for the show.Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, the creators of Scooby Doo originally worked for Hanna-Barbera but later moved on to make Ruby-Spears production that is now held by Warner Brothers.

What inspired Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers took inspiration from Disney's earlier soft, story-book like animation. They were many targeting to children so they wanted a softer animation style while it still being humorous and bold.

What Warner Brothers inspired

Many factors of popular culture has been influenced by the elements of Warner Brothers. Their characters and animation as a whole has many other animation companies inspiration for their own characters.

What Did We Learn?

Warner Brothers has been a famous company for year starting their carriers with just four brothers showing films in Ohio and Pennsylvania to later becoming a well liked film and animation company making many famous works and owning the rights to just as much.

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